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“Many guests, including famous personalities, have complimented Marilyn on vegetarian dishes she has prepared and have made special requests for her recipes. Her vegetable basket designs are also complimented and photographed by many of the guests."

-Bruce Lyon Cal-A-Vie guest chef and personal chef to Marlene and Bill Power, owners of Cal-A-Vie.

“Originally I asked for help because my arthritis was causing me so much pain in my fingers. You immediately told me to remove all animal fats from my diet. (My physician told me to take 2 advil) Within 5 days the aching pain in my fingers had disappeared.” Thank you, Marilyn
- Helene Kolosner

‘Her ability to create new and fresh dishes on a moment’s notice with just what’s available is something to behold. Her recipes are unique and beautifully presented. I love her food!”
- Dennis Knicely, Vegan Chef

“I have had the pleasure of having Marilyn appear as a guest on my T.V. program for public access, The Hardware Humanitarian Show, where we discussed many topics related to the issues of health and nutrition, including fasting, principles of natural hygiene, colon cleansing, and other subjects, all very much enhanced by Marilyn’s depth of experience and expertise.”
- Donald Kidson

“Marilyn is wholly committed to her clients’ culinary, physical, and spiritual well-being, and works with each client individually to create a menu and style of eating that works for them. As a T.V. producer, I also think Marilyn would make a great cooking show hostess, her passion and commitment to this style of eating would make such shows informational and inspiring."

- Laura Gross, TV producer

"Marilyn’s cooking is beyond good, in fact it’s exceptional!!! The flavors she brings out in the food are incredible! I often catch myself humming mmmmmmmmm!!!! when I am eating one of her entrees. Marilyn is the best way we know to absolutely treat yourself to the best in gourmet dining."
- Rich and Sonyia Palmer

“I was totally ‘mind blown’ at Marilyn’s creativity and how incredibly delicious I found her food to taste. Her style is unique. Anyone who has knowledge of the challenge of preparing a variety of raw food meals can appreciate her level of deliciousness, which is at the top of the scale. Her presentation is elegant and classy. Marilyn’s food has improved my health. She cooks with love!”
- Andrea Stern

“Marilyn’s valuable expertise as a consultant contributed to bringing our recipes to completion. Her talent for recipe development and presentation has been a gift to us. Customers often raved about her delicious creations. Her talent of spontaneously creating flavors is amazingly effortless and simply scrumptious, as well as aesthetically artistic.”
- John Wood, Executive Chef, Woody Harrelson’s O2 (Raw food restaurant and oxygen bar)
From celebrities and doctors, to parents raising their children and individuals looking to make dietary life changes, Marilyn’s expertise in the transition diet and her superb culinary skills has everyone talking!
"This meal was absolutely delicious! I loved the tostadas, the miso soup was cooked to perfection!"
- Marilu Henner
“You cha-cha-cha-cha-gal you; Yumm!"
“We loved your superb lunch - this food could heal everyone.”
- Louise Hay
“Marilyn is one of the world’s finest vegan chefs.”
- Howard Lyman
“Marilyn and I worked side by side on the frontier of natural cooking. I was proud to have Marilyn be part of our group of talented
Chefs at Cal-A-Vie Resort.”
- Rosie Daley, Personal Chef to Oprah Winfrey
“The delicious flavors and beautiful presentation of food prepared by Marilyn is exceeded only by her professionalism and integrity. She is a pleasure to work with and a credit to the culinary arts and the field of nutrition."
- Michael Klaper, M.D.
“Marilyn’s food is very elegant and totally delicious. But the best thing about it is that it is so GOOD for you! It is truly possible to be healthy, beautiful, and feel extremely well-fed. Marilyn can really help you do this. Her cuisine is artistically beautiful, filling, healing and downright fun!”
- Dr. Rai Casey, M.D.
“Anyone who has the opportunity to know her and work with her should
seize the day.”
- Julie Cobb Cromwell
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- Oprah Winfrey
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