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I highly recommend reading this book. For anyone who has any
doubts about the health and fitness of a vegetarian family that
raised their two children never eating meat, chicken, fish or
eggs, this book will give you the confidence that the
vegetarian diet builds strong bodies.

Their good health, physiques and energy will blow you away!
It is a great read!

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Organic gardening is a Life Saver. It is an activity that gets us in touch with life itself and how life grows through us. Organic gardening can begin with something as small as growing a single beet in a pot. It can begin with going to your local Farmers' Market or source of the freshest, most whole, most pure, most natural food you can find and through growing a single food plant, affirm that your life too is intending to be more whole, pure, and natural.

There was once a time, not less than 150 years ago when all food would have been considered organic, and now as we each move toward living lower and lower on the food chain, living in harmony with the earth becomes a rally cry. We are each compelled to awakening the natural instincts in us. Awakening these natural instincts go hand in hand with you again seeing yourself as an organic gardener.

Try this: Grow a single beet. Put it in a pot. Keep the Beet. Eat the beet greens. Call your

beet Keep the Beet. Let your growing beet remind you there is only One Beat, and we are intended by life to be part of it. Talk to your beet. Let it talk to you and give you messages. Enjoy eating its lovely vegan fresh, whole, pure, natural greens. Let it affirm that you can grow your own food.

Do this every day: Step onto your balcony, or a suitable outdoor place where you Keep the Beet. Make contact with your beet growing in a single pot. Give it the finest soil you can find. Let the plant remind you, that your whole life grows up from a good foundation that stands in healthy soil. Water you single plant. Let watering remind you, to drink the finest, purest water every day. Let watering remind you, to drink water now! Keep your beet in the sunshine. Remember it daily. Use it as a way to remind you to remember that you too need to be out in the sunshine a bit everyday. To do these things is to enter Plant Parenthood. As you parent a plant, the plant will help re-parent you.

Congratulations! You are now the organic gardener! Start small. Before you know it, your confidence will grow. Strive to find the balance between your diet and your lifestyle. As you tend bringing your lifestyle into balance, you too will find yourself able to live more and more vegan. You can get back into the life stream that leads to a more and more fulfilling life through organic gardening. Keep the Beet. Life will thank you. Your Life will thank you. Do this, and you will be a Life Saver.

Your Enchanted Gardener
Leslie Goldman

Beetkeepers of the World Unite!
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