My eating habit has grown towards vegetarianism and raw foods. Why? Because throughout my life I decided many times to switch my eating habit and become vegan but it didn’t last long. I neglected my diet due to lack of knowledge. I felt I was limiting my food choices and this may have caused me to miss certain kinds of nutrients. I couldn’t remain committed for long enough.

After years of education in medical and holistic health and nutrition, I realized how important my diet and the food I put in my body is. This is true that ”You are what you eat,” and you are not what you don’t eat. I became a believer in the philosophy stated by Hypocrites, that food should be our medicine in curing disease and reaching optimal health. So, this time for real, I finally decided to become a vegan. Since then I have felt so good. I am pleased because of this turning point, this healthy step that I have taken in my life. After all, I didn’t want to be just a preacher and not act on what I believe myself.

As I mentioned, in the past, I decided to become vegetarian and practiced it on and off for a while. However I felt I should do this with enough knowledge on how to be vegetarian. People should make sure to cover their body’s needs with the plant-based diet; eating fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts/seeds without missing any of their daily requirements. This requires knowledge about what you eat and what you need to improve in your body.

There are so many reasons why I decided to become a vegetarian. I learned, as a holistic health practitioner and believer in true holistic health, that by consuming real food, plant-based especially, we reach the optimal level of health. I also did not want to hurt other creatures for my own benefit/survival. To be honest I began disliking meat when I was in medical school and we were dealing with cadavers in the anatomy lab. I remember by touching the dead bodies I didn’t see much difference between them and the meat we eat. I was disgusted and couldn’t eat meat.

With training and education in clinical research, naturopathy, acupuncture, Iridology and nutrition, plus becoming the author of a book on the healing power of fruits and vegetables, I recommend becoming vegetarian. With a good knowledge of right food choices on a daily basis, you have taken a big step towards a healthier and longer life.

As a founder and the president of the non-profit organization, ”World United Women,” (WUW) and ”Balanced Life Institute,“ it has become my mission to promote the health and education of women and children worldwide. As a health consultant, I recommend, teach and promote basic health principals globally in Balanced Life Institute and through my TV shows and international seminars. I teach that a vegan diet is itself a detox and purification diet. This is opposite to a meat diet where we poison our body and stuff it with unwanted, harmful materials. This causes the body to go out of its way to digest, detox and purify. So it feels like you pay your money to put poison in your body just like cigarettes and alcohol, while at the same time killing other creatures.

I would like to congratulate Marilyn for such a wonderful and informative book on the vegan diet. I think the most important step towards our optimal health is to educate ourselves and know exactly what we are doing. This book is the one every one needs as a reference resource for vegan life and to maintain good health. My final thought is, first to educate yourself about what you eat, find out what is your goal for optimal health, and start to eat healthy. I think, “The best diet is no diet; just eat healthy.” Make sure you cover your body’s needs by learning more about you, the unique you, and wait and see the beautiful changes will be coming to you.
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