Lillian Muller has been on 9 Playboy covers, is the most published Playmate of the Year in Playboy Magazine history, and has starred, guest starred and co-starred in 30 films and television shows all over the world.

Growing up on our mini farm in Norway, I ate a lot of pork, a lot of eggs, and milk right from the cow. That many years ago in rural Norway, organic was a way of life. The animals ate naturally, of grasses. There was no factory farming at that time, not like today. We raised chickens and pigs, and liver, pork chops, bacon and ham were our daily fare. Every Christmas my stepfather slaughtered a pig; our beloved pig, but it was our food supply because we were very poor.

Until I was 12 years old I drank a half gallon of cow’s milk daily, but I was nursed on mother’s milk until the age of two so that was the saving grace that built a strong foundation for me. I liked fruits and vegetables a little, but not much. I was more into mashed potatoes and gravy.

I arrived in America at age 21 and came directly to the Playboy Mansion as the 1976 Playmate of the year. My first boyfriend was Hugh Hefner of the Playboy Mansion, where I lived for one year. There I had 24-hour room service available to me, with all kinds of food choices like filet mignon, king crab legs, salmon and roasted chicken--a high protein diet. Definitely not vegan! I gained 12 pounds in my first 6 weeks!

A couple of years after I left my Playboy lifestyle, as I was studying acting in Hollywood, some health problems showed up. Anemia, dizzy spells, water retention in my joints; and I was plagued with anxiety and depression.

I became vegan three years after I came to America at age 24. At that time I met a holistic doctor who set me on the path to recovery. That path was strewn with thorns as well as rose blossoms. Once I started to clean up my diet I began breaking out in boils, and had headaches from the toxic load that was being eliminated. I went “cold turkey,” or the vegan version of that expression, “cold tofu” – no transition – nothing. I became a fruitarian for one year to detoxify my whole system. In that period of time I lost 20 pounds. All of my baby fat melted away and I became a very healthy ll0-pound vegan. In the years to follow, I became more energetic and healthier than ever before!

Since that time I have varied my diet from vegetarian to vegan and fruitarian. On a fruitarian diet it was difficult to maintain my weight as a model and actress with a commercial look. I learned to use foods to adapt to my desired weight. In these last 10 years I have cared more about quality of life and longevity than having a commercial look, so I remained vegan, with 85% of my intake coming from raw foods.

Today, I am a 100% raw food vegan, with mainly organic foods. I am also raising a 16-year-old daughter who has been a vegan since birth. I had a totally vegan pregnancy with natural childbirth.

Longevity and quality of life are not my only reasons for being vegan. I don't see how a dead animal can benefit my health. Also, I think it is selfish to slaughter an animal for my taste pleasure. It is barbaric! If people would consider visiting a factory farm or a slaughterhouse, it would be easy for them to become vegan very quickly. When you eat meat, you take part in the killing of that animal through the chain of supply and demand.

Factory farming is polluting our ground water. We could feed the whole planet if we didn’t eat animals. The steroids, hormones, antibiotics, uric acid, cholesterol and adrenalin poisoning of the scared animals – with all of these factors, why would I want to eat meat when I can eat so many delicious, healthy vegan foods? There is plenty of selection to choose from.

I would rather extend my life expectancy by 30 percent and so can you, if you start young enough. It is almost suicidal to eat all these animal products. Do you want to get old before your time and die prematurely?

When I was pregnant I wrote the book Feel Great, Be Beautiful over 40 and now I am writing another book. At age fifty-one, I posed for my first pin-up calendar in celebration of turning fifty. My youthful appearance is a direct result of the healthy vegetarian/vegan lifestyle I have chosen for the past 29 years. People will often ask me if I have had a face lift, or chemical peel or liposuction. I have no need for superficial sex appeal; rather I enjoy promoting good health and lifestyle with wisdom.

I use my own experiences so that I can help guide other people to find the best lifestyle for them. As a keynote speaker at various California Health Expos and the Natural Health Group of Los Angeles, I am able to get my message of good health out.

Everyday I enjoy being a positive role model for what I have found to be true. At age 24, I was sought out by all the wrong men for all of the wrong reasons. I was anxiety-ridden, insecure, and fearful. I didn’t have much faith in myself. My power came from being a model. I didn’t know who I really was, what I really wanted or what life was really all about. These days I have much more peace of mind and inner satisfaction.

Turning fifty was a big turning point for me. I believe when you are a half-century old, you better find your real life purpose and commit to serving it. Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles we have as people. We always think “next Monday I will start.” Turning fifty was a wake-up call to get my priorities in order. I have become more serious about my life. Whatever you feel is your mission in life, do it now - today. You may not have the opportunity tomorrow.

Everyday I wake up I remember this line from the movie Dead Poet’s Society “Seize the day and make your life extraordinary!”
Lillian Muller
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