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What they’re saying about Vegan Bite by Bite

“Vegan Bite by Bite is a terrific resource to travel the road to a healthy diet. Marilyn has written a masterpiece of information allowing the readers to save their own lives. Vegan Bite By Bite is all the information you need to make the transition from where you are, to where you should be, in human health.

-Howard F. Lyman - Author, Mad Cowboy and No More Bull!

“Vegan Bite by Bite will help many people to live healthier, more vibrant and energetic lives. And it will also help them to align their lives with their compassion. If you read this book and heed its message, your life will be richer and better for it.”

- John Robbins, Author: Diet for a New America, The Food Revolution, and Healthy At 100.

“As a masterful chef and passionate guide to healthier food and lifestyle choices, Marilyn Peterson is at her best in Vegan Bite by Bite.

“With joyous enthusiasm, practical advice, and enlightening examples from many contributors, Marilyn makes the transition to a plant-based diet exciting, logical, spiritually rewarding – and even fun and delicious! She lets you know you are not alone on this powerful journey to a health-enhancing, non-violent diet and lifestyle - and she gives you sound strategies to help you succeed, even if you ‘slip’ along the way.

“Let "Guide Marilyn" in Vegan Bite by Bite escort you - and cheer you on - as you progress to an eating style that will help create health and balance in your body, as well as promote harmony with the living world around you. I recommend it most highly.”

-Michael Klaper, M.D., Author Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple

"One of the most oft-asked questions of a surprisingly large and growing number of people adopting the plant-based diet is: 'How do I do it?’ A recent survey of the general public in Australia suggested that at least 40% of the respondents were interested in giving this dietary lifestyle a try but they simply wanted to know how. Marilyn Peterson does it in her book, Vegan Bite by Bite, in a very personal way that I believe many people will find appealing."

-T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. Author, The China Study, Director of The China Project, Nutritional Biochemistry professor (emeritus), Cornell University

“I believe that Marilyn Peterson’s work should be taken to heart, and that one should think about what she says.

Marilyn is touching on things that are worth investigating and worth living. Everyone she serves will receive a blessing and the knowledge to make their family and their bodies healthier. Marilyn has a sincere desire to produce the best there is in nutrition. I feel that her work is the finest I have come across. She’s a master at what she does!”

-Dr. Bernard Jensen, (March 25, 1908 - February 22, 2001)

Ph.D Clinical Nutrition, Chiropractor, and the author of numerous books and articles on health and healing.
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